Friday, December 02, 2016

2016 Document December

I am so excited to do another Document December this year and even more excited to do it with Fun Stampers Journey.  The first thing I had to do was decide which format.  I have always done a pocket page format, but this year, I really wanted to change it up and use the Travelers Notebook.  Then the next decision was colors to use.  I started out die cutting a lot of red, grey and white, but then I started to mix in some blue and pink and have some green in here as well.  Gold and silver are a big color choice as well for this album.  I use containers from Target to organize all my dies and pre-made pattern papers.

I did lots of stamping and die cutting with matching does or fussy cutting.  Did a variety of colors with the stockings, trees, etc.  But for the flowers below, I stayed with pink and green.  We have no snow here, and sometimes wearing shorts for Christmas, between our weather and also not everyday I document will be all about Christmas, I always make sure to have non-Christmas items ready to go.  I'm looking out the window now at flowers just like these.

Lots of tabs from the Fab Tabs steel rule die, also in a variety of colors, ready to be stamped on or used as is.

Have my numbers ready for each day.

Lots of other die cutting of shapes that I will use throughout and again some very Christmas specific and some not.

So I have my tray to look through when I pull out my album, but also have this bin from Target, as well, that holds catalogs or cards that either inspire me or that have things I want to cut and use inside my album.  I like to use these little things because it is what we are "into" at this time and is fun to look back on.  The card is from Hallmark and I couldn't throw it out, a Starbucks bag, Emma's wishlist, and her drawings of items to remind me exactly what they look like to get her ;)

Now onto the album.  I did the cover pretty simple because of the material and I like to be able to slide these albums on and off the shelf without too many things to worry about falling off.  But I did adhere the wood piece and sequins.  I colored the wood piece with gold Silk.

I kept the inside cover simple as well.  Used Silver Splash on the cover, then Whip Cream sponged onto the embossed "hello," stamped "merry and bright," then added the holly, sequins, and pom poms.

That first page in any album is always a little awkward for me...I don't want to start documenting on this page, but I need something, so did a little masking and stamping.  The '2016' is from my stash.

I really wanted something fun and elaborate with the numbers...took some thinking and playing around, but finally, when I looked at the jingle bell wreath in our kitchen, I had my idea!  Love how it came out.

And this was yesterday, Day 1!  Cannot believe it is here!  So yes, this is a big project to undertake and is a labor of love.  But for me, I do it because it helps me enjoy the holidays, look for the good each day, remember details, and kind of keeps my sanity as well.  LOL  It is my favorite project to do and so happy again to be doing it this year with Fun Stampers Journey.

Time won't allow me to list every single supply with a link that I use throughout this album, but please ask me any questions and I'll be happy to help.  Here is a link to shop at Fun Stampers Journey though to get you started.

Thank you as always for stopping by and hoping you are enjoying your holidays!

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Planner - Thanksgiving Week

Hope everyone enjoys your week and and for those in the U.S., hope you are able to spend Thursday with family or/or friends for Thanksgiving.

I wanted to stop in early this week before the holiday begins and share my spread for this holiday week.  I decided to do a non-traditional Fall theme color combo.  Although I did mean to add more green, but I got carried away by the other colors ;) which is perfectly acceptable in your planner, but if you want to see an amazing Fall and Thanksgiving themed planner spread, please check out my very talented friend, Mariana, and her post here.

We are not having Thanksgiving at our house, so I don't have a long list of things to do.  Mostly my daughter, Emma home, working, cooking and going to family for Thanksgiving.  I wanted a non-traditional Fall spread but with little bits of Fall and prettiness sprinkled here and there.  So used gold and silver accents, and the pretty medallion die.

I used the receipt pocket here for a thankful list...BUT this really is great for receipts, especially for this time of the year.

I also used a lot of the planner stamps and dies throughout the spread.  They make putting together and keeping yourself on target very easy, but also so fun!  Again, those gel pens are THE best I have ever used.  Write like butter.

For the leaves, I used the silver PanPastel.  I first used clear pigment ink and then used a soft tool to rub on the PanPastel.  Then die cut the leaves out.

For this little clip, I stamped one of the tape stamp designs, folded it over, stapled it, then layered two dies over it, and added Journey Glaze to the stamped heart.

There's a special on the planners and products now through December 31st.  You can get bundles of the personal size planner (like mine above), or the A5 (larger) planner.  Click here to shop the bundles!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!!

Autumn Days Stamp Set
Thankful ATS
Planner Elements Stamp Set
Check It Stamp Set
Bam Notes Stamp Set
Planner Sketch Stamp Set
Tape It Stamp Set
Today Is Stamp Set
Autumn Days Die Set
Bloom Cluster Die
Fab Tabs Small Steel Rule Die
Receipt Pocket Die
Decorative Medallions Die Set
Dark Roast True Color Fusion Ink Pad
Sweet Pear True Color Fusion Ink Pad
Pretty Pansy True Color Fusion Ink Pad
Clear Pigment Ink
Journey Silver Embossing Powder
Journey Brush Silver PanPastel
Bright Day Journey Tape
Cut Rhinestones
Fun Day Elements
Candy Dots
Be Bold Brads
Love Is
Punch Handle
Press Punch
2017 Personal Planner 12 Month & Weekly View
Pretty Gold Personal Planner

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Picture Perfect

Happy Friday!  My daughter's best friend from school has a birthday and she loves purple, so lots of purple today!  I used the Watercolor pencils and clear embossing powder to create a resist on the background onto a Color Splash sheet, and then cut that down to size with rectangle dies.  I did the same technique with the camera but used its matching die to cut it out.  Super quick card.  My watercolor panel is still damp, so I curled the edges up to give it more of a carefree look.

I used the Picture Perfect stamp, natural twine, and Black Licorice ink that all comes in the brand new Designer Starter Kit!  Richard really gives a lot of thought to everyone's goals when signing up to become a coach, so this is the perfect gift for the hobbyist.  Be sure to check it out really is an amazing deal and opportunity!

Have a great weekend!

Supplies Used:
Designer Starter Kit
Picture Perfect Stamp Set
Picture Perfect Die Set
Black Licorice True Color Fusion Ink Pad
Clear Pigment Ink
Color Splash Sheets
Journey Color Splash Watercolor Pencils
Clear Embossing Powder
Lavender Fusion Cardstock
Pretty Amethyst Cardstock
Summer Romance Printed Paper

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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Magical Journey | FSJ

Fun Stampers Journey just came out with their new Trends Mini Catalog revealing a new collection that had my heart pitter pattering.  It is available NOW!  The collection is called Magical Journey and is ALL about Disney.  I am so excited to finally sit down and create with it and it doesn't disappoint.  The colors and patterns of the printed papers capture the magical feeling perfectly, both A and B sides are wonderful to work with.  And then there are stamps, dies and embellishments too!

If you have seen a layout of mine a really long time ago or have taken my Big Picture Class for the Make It Work Summer class, you will recognize this design.  This is my all-time favorite go-to design for multi-photo layouts.  Instead of re-thinking a design, I like to re-use one of my own that I know works.  New papers, photos, and embellishments make it a brand new fresh layout.

This layout focuses a lot on the nine photos, but I brought in a lot of printed papers, and was able to also bring in some of the amazing stamps and dies to match them!  I was so excited to see the fireworks and wand stamps AND their matching dies!  Endless ways to re-create my own embellishments.

There is a lot going on on this layout, so to keep it light, I leave space between the printed papers and the photos, and also have borders around the photos.  To balance the layout, I punched out circles in the dark printed paper to help balance the dark printed paper at the top.  Then I just bring focus with the stamps and dies near the top photos and by the bottom photos near my title.

If you have a design that 'works' re-use it.  It will always be different because of your photos, papers, and embellishments.   I even changed the size of this layout.  This is a 9x12 and will finally be my first layout into my album from our trip last year!

If you are like me, you need this here is a link to all the supplies below.  And I've added the link to the new planner inserts in this collection as well!  A must-have!


Magical Journey Stamps and Dies
Printed Paper
Licorice Sparkle Tape
Magical Candy Drops
Magical Journey Personal Divider Kit
Journey Circles Die Set
Punch Handle
1 1/4" Circle Punch
1" Circle Punch

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week of Oct 24 Planner | FSJ

My daughter asked me this morning how many days before Halloween!  I don't feel as prepared or ready for it as I have in the past, but I'm enjoying it as much as I can.  Watching Halloween movies on Sunday, and a few more this weekend, and then I finally caved and bought the skeleton cat at Target...EEK!  Love him!

And speaking of love...hello new gorgeous Fun Stampers Journey gold planner!  Not really just gold either...the outside is more of a rose gold and the inside is a richer gold.  Seeing it in person vs. in the catalog is a big difference.  I love orange and almost got the orange planner, but when I got this one, I knew I did the right thing!

And there's more to love when it comes to decorating your planner for the holidays, especially Halloween!  I combined lots of the Fun Stampers Journey Halloween stamps and dies, but also used some of the new planner stamps and dies.

This was a really super quick entry, my desk looks like it exploded, but with planners it really is fun to just make and don't think.  Just have fun.  Not a super busy week, but little things I want to remember, so jotted those down.  The new gel pens are seriously amazing!  I have a pen fetish and have tried other gel pens, no others compare to the FSJ ones.  So smooth, and very visible.  I used silver here.  I also used the new highlighter (orange)!!

I did a quick little witches boot filled with sequins...messy stitching, but goes right along with Halloween.  I have had my eye on this die since last year, and so glad to finally have it.

So since this week is still in going...I only prepped the other side...did a partial spider web stamp, more Halloween stamping and dies, along with planner stamps.

Hope every enjoys the week, weekend, and Halloween!  Be safe!

Pretty Gold Personal Planner
Whip Cream Journey Days Charming Bookmark
Journey Days Charm Star
Journey Days Rock Candy Tassel
Storage Dangles
Tape It Stamp Set
Petal Clips
Check It Stamp Set
Fab Tabs
Planner Sketch Stamp Set
Bam Notes Stamp Set
Outline Clips
Page Huggers
Just Write Gels
Bright Lights
Fun Day Elements
Journey Girl Stripes
Monster Mash Stamp Set
Monster Mash Die Set
Which Witch Stamp Set
Which Witch Die Set
Widows Web Stamp
Jack O Lantern Stamp Set
Jack O Lantern Die Set
Chubby Witch Boot Die Set
Rock Candy Ink
Black Licorice Ink
Journey Sequins Special Celebration

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week of Oct 10 Planner | FSJ

Have I said how much I love working for Fun Stampers Journey.  It has been an adjustment and will be for a little while.  A different mind-set and more work than being on a team.  Each week I settle in more.  I know this new job will help push me for more growth in what I do.  I do wish I could share more work, but maybe that will come later as I keep adjusting.  One thing I want to try to do more of is keeping up with my planner.  You don't realize how much goes on, even if it is small, that you miss if not written down.

I used my planner here as more of a what happened, and a little like a journal.  You can see my post here about tips I shared to help get you started and make your pages look more fun.

Lately, I have been using Pinterest more to help me select color themes.  I come from a background of lots of pre-made embellishments and pattern paper, so I need something to help jumpstart where I'm heading.  Sweet Berry is one of my favorite FSJ colors at the moment, although Pumpkin Bread and Dark Roast are close second and third this week.  I stayed with Sweet Berry and Rock Candy ink, cardstock, and pencils throughout this spread.  Genius how with FSJ we have so many options in different mediums.

So you can see I mix different stamps, use colored pencils, even ripped the black and white washi tape on the left-hand side to slide my die cut clip through.  Anything goes with planners.  I'm hoping to get a box of more Halloween FSJ goodies and will dec out my planner for Halloween which is if you don't know me, I LOVE!!

That is it until next week.  Fingers crossed I'll have a Halloween spread or layout to share then.  Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend!  Happy creating!!

Journey Girl Binder
Personal Planner 12 Month & Weekly View
Text Happy Stamp Set
Journey Emojis Stamp Set
Today Is Stamp Set
So Pretty Stamp Set
Simply Amazing Stamp Set
Find Joy Stamp Set
Journey Days Love Tab
Tab Clips Die Set
Journey Color Burst Pencils
Party Pop Color Me Washi
Bright Day Journey Tape
Sweet Berry Ink Pad
Rock Candy Ink Pad
Fun Day Elements
Fam Bam Elements
Forever Heart Chips
Spring Accent Dots
Sweet Berry Cardstock

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Pocket Page | FSJ

Hi!  I'm excited to pop in on my blog to share a pocket page using the Be Amazing collection from Fun Stampers Journey.  OMG, I think the 80's, but I also think the 70's.  I knew it was perfect for photos of my daughters very colorful birthday party.

I usually keep my pocket page spreads simple.  I love to take a few photos of the decorations, doing this really helps set the feel for your memories.  I trimmed a piece of the printed paper from the same collection to fit in the long pocket.

The collection has a really nice size bag full of chipboard and vellum embellishment die cuts.  I had a little space on this photo, so I stapled one of the vellum stars to fit right in with the photo.

There are inks, silks (little bottles to make splatters on your pages), splashes, inks, cardstock, ribbons, stamps, and dies to coordinate with this collection. <3 a="" also="" and="" are="" as="" be="" can="" cards="" done.="" easy="" fun="" here="" into="" journaling="" just="" little="" maybe="" nbsp="" ocket="" p="" pages.="" pages="" photos="" pocket="" ready="" slip="" slipping="" so="" to="" your="">

But if you want to get a little creative with your pages, you can add some stamping and sequins.  For this pocket I stamped two stars from the same collection in Cosmic Grape and Turbo Teal.  The smaller star stamp fit perfectly inside that bigger star.  I die cut this out, and then die cut two larger stars using vellum.  TIP:  just fold your vellum in half and send through your die cutting machine to get get two stars.  Run through twice if needed.

So to add a little more fun, I added the adorable must-have star-fetti to my vellum star pocket.  I lightly adhered the stamped and die cut star to the back vellum star, placed the top vellum star on top, machine stitched half of the star, filled with star-fetti, then machine stitched the rest of the way.  To add my journaling, I lightly penciled around the star, then sent through my typewriter.  To add a little more fun, I added the dots for texture and color.

An easy way to get these seriously adorable stars in your pockets, use the little scoop attachment from your bloom tool.

I LOVE this collection.  Perfect for all your celebrations.  Think birthday parties, all-girls day out, crops, anything goes.  My photos coordinated really well with this collection, but you can always turn your photos to black and white.  Hope you can grab some of this collection.  A list of supplies is below.  Just find a coach and start shopping.  Lots of these memory keeping products are on sale right now as well!  Enjoy!

6x8 Black Licorice Journey Days Album
Album Pages
Be Amazing Day Cards
Amazing Prints
So Pretty Stamp Set
Simply Amazing Stamp Set
Star-Dom Die Set
Turbo Teal Ink Pad
Cosmic Grape Ink Pad
Journey Days Stapler
Bloom Tool
Candy Dots

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